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National Symposium on Drug Repurposing for Future Pandemics

17-18th November 2020
Virtual Symposium
The Conference

The Symposium

Two Days of Visionary Talks
17-18th November 2020
11 am - 5 pm EST

Pandemics demand safe and effective therapies developed and deployed at an unprecedented speed. This Symposium, organized on behalf of the National Science Foundation (NSF), provides a forum for scientists and researchers from a variety of fields relevant to therapeutics. Participants discuss ways to expedite the development of therapies by compressing years of work into months or even weeks through automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, novel data sources, and most recent biotechnology advancements.


The Symposium brings together leading experts in computer science, biology, statistics, medicine, automation, and regulation. While these areas of expertise are necessary for rapid therapeutic innovation, there is seldom an opportunity for these experts to interact with each other.

Bearing in mind new opportunities and pressing challenges, the Symposium provides a roadmap and puts forward recommendations on transforming today’s tools into ready-to-use solutions to fight future pathogens.

Social Media Hashtag:  #futuretx20

Recordings and Highlights

We thank all the speakers, participants, and attendees for sharing their ideas and expertise and for making the Symposium so successful. We have had two very rewarding days, filled with interesting sessions, demo presentations, as well as discussions around a wide range of machine learning methodology and new biotechnological platforms.


Videos from the presentations are now publicly available to everyone through the Symposium Video Channel. Archive Twitter Highlights are available too. 


Our Speakers

Albert-László Barabási

Northeastern University

Harvard Medical School

Sergio Baranzini


Regina Barzilay

Jan Baumbach
TU Munich

Andreas Bender


Cambridge University


Yoshua Bengio
University of Montreal


Michael Bronstein

Imperial College London

Anand Chokkalingam

Gilead Sciences

UC Berkeley

Djork-Arné Clevert


James Collins


Broad Institute

Robert Gentleman

Harvard Medical School

Kevin Grimes

Stanford University

Bino John


Nevan Krogan


Joseph Loscalzo

Harvard Medical School

Jure Leskovec
Stanford University

Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

Ziad Obermeyer

UC Berkeley

Marinka Zitnik


Broad Institute

Vijay Pande

Andreessen Horowitz
Stanford University


Qi Liu


Therapeutics Data Commons

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